Opening web item in new page issue

In web item module,i defined target="_blank" inside link element to open page in new tab ,But it is not working

Does the html on the page your item adds itself to look ok?

hello nic
i am not getting what do you want to say
i used link tag

What are you clicking on that should open in a new window?

I created one web item on .when i click on web item it should open the web item link in a new window
whether it is possible???

I don’t think it is possible because there is no such property you’ve mentioned in the web item documentation.

Web item is not an <a> html tag at all.

but web item module has element where we can define target .(however target is attribute of link tag)

Yes, the target falls outside the link. If you have a look at the html of the page your web-item renders on, you’ll be able to see how it is building the link. I suspect Vasiliy’s answer is the reason - the web-item is not an < a > tag the way you think it is.

thank you @nic @vasiliy.krokha

Hello @sushantawalekar,

Were you able to open the webitem link in new tab? Can you please share some knowledge as I am also having the same issue with mine plugin.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @dbagul

No,Im am not able to open link in new tab,you can find the reason explained above

Hello @nic, @vasiliy.krokha

It appears in jira 7.5.1 the webitem link appears to be a tag. Take a look at the screenshot. Let me know if this is case can we open the link in new tab?


Thanks in advance!


Hello @nic, @vasiliy.krokha

I came up with the alternate solution. We have installed Php on jira server instance (v7.5.1). I created a html page under jira_extend and specified that url of the page in the plugin this allows to me open the webitem link in new tab. Below is the code for html page

Make a HTML page with that - save it under /var/www/html/jira_extend/

lets say we called it openlink.php

so link in the webpart definition woudl be http://jira.server/jira_extend/openlink.php

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Well, this is a bit of a hack with a heavy dependency (php, etc).

I think you could achieve pretty much the same just by using e.g. jquery by dynamically modifying the target prop of the ‘a’ tag which you can find by id. Hopefully you can pass the id of html element via the available linkId property of a web-item module.

Hope my explanation is not confusing.