Order of approving Marketplace app submissions


I was wondering if it is possible to get any insights in the order in which new Marketplace app submissions are being processed. We’ve submitted 11 apps last week, and we see that they are not published to the Atlassian Marketplace in the same order that they were submitted.

Point in case: AMKTHELP-37083 has just been approved, while AMKTHELP-37071, AMKTHELP-37072, AMKTHELP-37076 and AMKTHELP-37078 are still pending approval.

I get that there are multiple people working on the queue, and that some apps require more time to review than other, but in this case, the 5 examples I’ve provided are all relatively similar apps. I don’t see how *83 should have gotten picked up before *72.

It would be nice to get a better understanding of the priority / order of tickets!