Packing and deploying two plugins at time?


I’ve developed two plugins A and B available on the Marketplace. A requires B in order to work. Therefore, the users must install B and then A.

I want to simplify the installation by packing B into A and archiving B on the Marketplace, so when users install A then B is automatically installed too and the users should see two plugins from the UPM Manage add-ons listing on Jira.

Is that possible?

I’ve read the AMPS Building Configuration Reference and tried to use the pluginArtifacts configuration, but it looks like no working.

B has been installed in my local Maven repository (mvn instal …), so it should be referenced in pom.xml via groupId, artifactId and version and resolved by the AMPS during the building phase.

However, it looks like B is not packed with A. Why? Must B be available on a public Maven repository so it would be downloaded and installed into Jira by the UPM?

Any help will be very appreciated.

PS: It’s very important that B be installed as plugin too. I mean A and B must have their own class loaders (not shared).

Take a look at orb’s - I think that will do what you want: .

It’s a bit old so there might have been some changes along the way but it should still work.

(just realized that this was posted a while back - it just came up in my “latest” feed (shrug) ).


It works great, Thanks a lot @daniel!