Page body fails to return when not providing a User-Agent

It seems that since November the 7th, the Confluence macros fail to render when there is no User-Agent headed included in the API request. I tried with both the v1 and the v2 API endpoints.

  • /wiki/api/v2/pages/{pageId}?body-format=export_view

The response will include the JSON “body.export_view.value” but every macro will be rendered as “<div class="error">Error rendering macro ‘{macro name}’ : null”

Is it a know issue? I have not found any mention about this change anywhere. It made our application show these errors for all out customers so we have to hotfix it in production.

Additional note: just adding the header (with an empty value) to the REST request fixes the macro rendering.


Hi @dshelgunov. It does appear that there was an issue and from what I understand a fix has been rolled out earlier today. There is a public bug ticket on this issue: The ticket status will be updated soon.

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Awesome! Thank you for the quick answer. Just manually tested, and the issue seems fixed. I also bookmarked the “opened tickets” link in my browser for the next time :sweat_smile: