Page Publish Triggers are not working again

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same as back in November where i posted this Topic: Big Problem with Page Publish Trigger

The Page Trigger is again not working. I already updated api, cli and ui to the newest Version, but the trigger doesn’t work. The code and Trigger are still the same as back in November, is there a new Incident like back then?

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Hi @anon69033679,

I fear you may have missed this notification which could be causing your above-noted issue Updates to product events as they were removed on 23rd February as notified here. Have you migrated to using the new Confluence Product Events?
Please let us know if you have migrated and are still facing issues.

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Hallo @SamPurchase,

Thanks a lot for your Answer, i really didn’t see the Announcement about the Changes.

I now subscribed to the new Events with my Apps and fixed some Code for the Event Data and it is working again.

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