Pagination of custom content via /rest/api/content/{id}/child/ not working


while Confluence’s own content like pages and comments can be correctly received in pages (start and limit) via /rest/api/content/{id}/child/ custom content can’t. The start parameter seems to be ignored and the results always start from the beginning. This makes proper pagination impossible.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create three custom content objects e.g. under a page
  • Get the first page via /rest/api/content/{id}/child/custom-content?start=0&limit=3
  • Get the next page via /rest/api/content/{id}/child/custom-content?start=3&limit=3
  • Expected result: page 1 shows 3 results, page 2 0 results
  • Actual result: page 1 shows 3 results, page 2 the same 3

Any workaround known?

Thank you and kind regards


I found an alternative by using /rest/api/content/search together with container={id} as part of the CQL expression. Interestingly container is not mentioned as search field here.

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