Paid Jira Cloud app with $0 price

Hi Atlassian team,

while spelunking in the Marketplace, I’ve encountered a paid Jira Cloud addon that has a list price of $0 for all user tiers.

Is this a fluke that should not exist? Or is this a new thing to allow free add-ons that still get customer data like billing contacts, etc?


That sounds like a bug. Mind DMing the listing so we can look into it?

@bentley - It seems the app in question was fixed recently. DM’d you the details anyways, just in case.

Thanks for those who DMed me more details. It definitely sounds like this is a bug. I’ve opened an AMKTHELP ticket to track.

I’ll report back when I hear more.

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We’re tracking this here - feel free to drop more examples of this occurring on that ticket!