Paid Update Available for private listings

Since some time access tokens for private listings have stopped working as expected.

We have staging instance where we test our add-on. Add-on descriptor is hosted from staging hosting on heroku. Even when access token is present (on manage add-ons page) our add-on behaves like it would be not licenced. Therefore I have set “enableLicensing” = false in atlassian-connect.json and pushed to our staging hosting on heroku.

Now, every day, I get an e-mail from Atlassian Marketplace:
“Queues for Jira Service Desk needs your permission to update. You’re using a free version of this add-on, but the latest version is paid and includes additional capabilities.”

On “Manage add-on page” I see now “Paid Update” button.

Is there any workaround for this? I have found that you can set in add-on descriptor “apiVersion” but its type is integer, and versions on cloud are like 1.2.1-AC, so I am not sure how that would work.

Hi @maciej.dudziak, If you are wanting to fix the token problem go to this JIRA issue: [AC-2357] - Ecosystem Jira and give them a list of your servers. They will apply a patch to make the tokens work


Thank you @paul, I will do that