Parameters retrieved using getMacroData is stripping off parameter value after '='

Hello there,

I am using AP.confluence.getMacroData to get macro parameters of a confluence macro. However, if I have an equal symbol (=) in my parameter value, I do not get the part of the parameter value post the equal symbol.

For eg: If there is a macro parameter with name cAttr and value as below.

cAttr=style=“background:yellow; font-size:12pt; text-align: center;”

All I get is {cAttr: “style”} as in JSON format as response to AP.confluence.getMacroData

Any help here would be much appreciated. I thought I would check here before posting a DEVHELP ticket to see if someone already knows a way around this.

NOTE: This is happening in instances where the old editor is present. On instances with the new editor, things seem to be fine. Our add on customers are on both old and new editors. We need to have this working in both cases.

@anon62119125, this was reported as CONFCLOUD-68163. @KevinDietz has already implemented a fix, which is just pending release.

Thank you @epehrson for your swift response.