Pass attachments through openCreateIssueDialog

Hi all, I would like to pass attachments through the AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog method, but can’t figure out how to do it.

I tried with an array of attachments ids, filenames… nothing works.

window.AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog(function (issues: any) {
console.log('issue created !! -> '+issues[0][‘fields’][‘summary’])
}, {
pid: this.props.projectId,
fields: {
summary: “created from recipe !”,
attachment: [“10026”,“10032”]

Do you know if it’s even possible, and if it is, how to do it properly ?


Hi @MlanieGeffre,

Are you attempting to create the new Jira issue with attachments from an existing Jira issue? Does Jira allow this?


Hi, yes that’s exactly what i am trying to do.

I don’t know if Jira allow this, there is nothing in the documentation specific for it, so I’m hoping it’s possible… But if it’s not, I will find another way.

Hi @MlanieGeffre ,

I found a community post indicating Jira doesn’t support attachments being shared across issues so it makes sense that the API doesn’t allow it.

Since AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog() supports the description being passed in, maybe you could craft the description of the new issue such that it includes links to the attachments of the other issue.


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Thanks a lot for your answer !

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