Pass the workspace id to my controller through the descriptor

I am trying to pass the work space id through my descriptor to my controller on my app so I can use it to make API calls.

  "modules": {
    "repoPages": [
        "url": "/myurl?workspace={workspace}&repo_slug={repo_slug}",
        "location": "org.bitbucket.repository.navigation",

The repo slug is being passed down, but not the workspace id, which I need in my API calls.

Perhaps there is another way to do this as well, I am new to all this. :slight_smile:

Thanks Robert

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Hi Robert,

you could use repoPath={repository.full_name} [1] which will give you this format teamsinspace/documentation-tests where the first token is the workspace and the second is the repo slug.
Hope that helps.
Best Ulrich
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[1] Context parameters

That does give back the information I need.

Thank you