Permissions for issue Context

I added a new issue Context (for the first time) - what do I need to do in order to allow access for all of the users? I can see it (I’m an admin) but others don’t have the permissions.


Hi @MosheYakobovich,

There aren’t any additional permissions or configuration requirements for an issue context to be shown to all users.

When you say that “others don’t have permissions”, is there an error being shown or the issue context is simply not there?

I just did a test using the template available from the Forge CLI and I can see the issue context both with an admin and a non-admin user.

Maybe you can try to create a new app using the jira-issue-context and see if that is being shown to all users.

This was my selection when running the forge create command:

? Select a category: UI kit
? Select a template: jira-issue-context

I’ve assumed this was a Forge app, if it was a Connect one let me know.


Hi @ccurti and thanks for your reply.
Other can see the collapsed panel, but when they open it they are requested to allow access and clicking the button leads to a page saying they don’t have access to the app.
Indeed I’m using a Forge app and I did create this app pretty recently with the jira-issue-context template.
Any idea what else I can check?

I see @MosheYakobovich,

Is the page saying the following?

You don’t have access to this app. This application is in development - only the owner of this application may grant it access to their account.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to enable the sharing option for the app (instructions are here) for other users to be able to use it.

Let me know how it goes,

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Thank you - yes, indeed this is the case. Do I really have to deploy it to production? In my case it’s an internal app for my company only

Yes, you’ll need to deploy the app to production to enable sharing. Even if the app is just used internally by your company.

The command for that is forge deploy --environment production.

Deploying the app to production is recommended in general so that you can manage multiple environments when developing, testing and you and the users are using the app.

You might also want to set up a developer site so that the development is done in a separate environment.

As a side note, after sharing the app in this case there is no need to send the link to the users as they will not need to install the app. That’s already been done by you and I would expect the upgrades to be performed via the Forge CLI.


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Got it, thank you very much!