Permissions for setting project properties


I’ve encountered when setting project properties. I get a following error when setting them:

There was an error invoking the function - Permissions error or key does not exist

Error: Permissions error or key does not exist
    at Function.forStatus (fieldedit.js:10920:16)
    at JiraProjectStorage.set (fieldedit.js:6522:38)
    at async Object.onChange (fieldedit.js:11048:9)
    at async fieldedit.js:4060:17

Scopes section from manifest.yml:

  scopes: [

Code failing:

        await properties.onJiraProject("PROJ").set("my_key", ["option1", "option2"])

Project PROJ exists.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve found the issue so I will just post a reply myself.

As noted in the previous message I’ve provided all the required scope in the manifest, but I haven’t given consent as a user to it. Jira asked me to do it when I visited “App settings” page of my app. Now everything works. :slight_smile: