Personal boards automatically migrated to a 'personal' teams?

Hi there,

I’m part of the team behind - an effortless time tracking Power-Up for Trello, so I’m dealing with day to day development related to Trello ecosystem :slight_smile:

Sorry if the question is dumb and the answer is obviously a mistake in our understanding on the matters :blush: still I must ask in order to skip some trials and errors across time in the future :blush:

We’ve observed lately that there is something odd happening related to small number of personal boards who used Assista. :thinking:

What we observed:

  1. a person enables Assista Power Up on couple of his personal boards

    Note that these boards dont have idOrganization property.

  2. after some time those personal boards have been (auto)migrated to a Trello team with displayName Personal and a seemingly generated name like personal39614697

    Note that the boards now have an idOrganization property set pointing to the ‘personal’ team.

    We have 5 team records in our database having these properties and they started to popup around 1.5 months ago. Our last issue report from a client was also related to a problem which spawned by the fact that the previously personal boards have been ‘migrated’ to a team and seems the client hasn’t been consent about that undergoing.

So the questions in that regards:

  1. is this real possibility or we interpret the data wrong?
  2. in case this is real what are the reasons to happen - automatic migrations and/or human factor?
  3. in case this is real - should we expect that all personal boards will get assigned to a ‘personal’ team and is there any means to be notified when this happens?

Thanks in advance,

I have a sneaking suspicion as to the cause of this.

When a user is part of a claimed domain (an Enterprise admin has said, "Hey all of the users with email addresses should be a part of our Trello Enterprise), we prompt those users to decide what content they want to stay inside of the Enterprise and what content to move outside of the Enterprise. We do this because it is easy to accidentally use one Trello account for work and personal stuff and then you don’t want your personal stuff to end up in your work account.

During the process of “sorting your content” we likely help users out by creating a “personal team” for them to move their content into.

I’ll poke around more and see if that isn’t the case.