Pipelines Commit target is missing commit message


when using the Bitbucket website to list all Pipelines, a “commit target pipeline” is displayed with its commit message. But this field is missing in the API response.
I watched the API call that the Bitbucket website is using and there is a field parameter for “+values.target.commit.message” which is exactly what I am searching for. Using the website accessToken, I do get this field, but using my own OAuth access token, I only get an empty response as soon as I set this field filter. Why is that?


The behavior should be the same whether using the site or OAuth.

Please double check that the plus sign is percent-encoded, otherwise it gets interpreted as a space.


The empty response is probably because the plus is interpreted as a space and it thinks you are explicitly asking for exactly no fields :slight_smile:

Oh damn you’re right :slight_smile: I thought I tested this, too. Used an URL encoder/decoder. But obviously missed something while testing different combinations. Thanks for the quick response!