Placing a title in a Project Settings Web Section


I can’t seem to be able to place a title in a Project Settings Web Section. I’m following the example given in the “Project settings UI locations” modules documentation and the images seem to suggest that placing a name in the webSection module is the solution, however this value is being ignored. Even if I use the example given in the documentation as-is, the end result is a section with items but with no title.
When placing items in the admin settings, the title of the section is shown.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @sergio.vieira,

Titles are not supported for the web sections on the project settings page. I will work to get the documentation updated.


Thanks for the reply.

As an alternative to group items under a name, is it possible to create a sub-menu inside a Project Settings Web Section?
Something like this:


Or is it possible have an item open a popup with other items?


Hi @sergio.vieira, currently we don’t support either of these patterns.