Plans to allow creation of legacy pages in dev instances?

With the switch to new fabric pages and the impending removal of the template for creating “old” pages:

Are there plans to enable/keep/allow the template for creating “old” pages in our dev instances? I do a lot of manual app bashing and would like to be able to create “old” pages for the foreseeable future, until the legacy pages are all migrated and there is no such thing as a legacy page in production.



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Hi @TureHoefner,

I’m a product manager on the Confluence Cloud editor. We will be able to keep the old editor template enabled for development and testing purposes. If you are an app vendor, please make sure you are in the beta group. If not, please reach out with your instance name.



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Not sure why this is called a beta group - the old editor is clearly not a “beta” version and much more mature than the new one. I’d like to have it on our instance “vertuna-stg”, so we can continue to work on the migration plans between cloud and server.

Having the old editor in cloud available will help us to copy and paste the configurations (page contents) between server and cloud.

Unfortunately copying from Confluence server editor and pasting it in the Confluence cloud new editor does not work at all :frowning:

Thanks @tiff! I’m new to Atlassian (new employee at an Atlassian vendor) so I’m not sure what the beta group is. Could you let me know what that means and explain how I find out if my instances are included in the group? I bet I’m not in it if I don’t know what it is :slight_smile:

What is the best channel for communicating instance names to Atlassian for inclusion in the beta group?