Platform 7 upgrade in progress: Learn about the first highlights and changes

The versions in that table are meant to show the first version in which the changes are available in case you want to get access to them earlier. At this point, the latest Platform release should have all of them, so I expect products to ship with these changes as well.

As to what version the products will be releasing with… it’s hard to say, you’re probably better off asking in their respective threads. However, based on my knowledge they’re still in the process of adopting all of the changes, and we’re still releasing some bug fix updates on our end, so I don’t think we can quite designate a final Platform version yet.

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Gotcha, thank you for the clarification @TomRijnbeek !

Have you tried using Java Spring configuration? Here is a simple config from the RESTv2 helloworld.

Have you found a workaround for this since your post? I’m running into the same issue - REST module won’t enable on Confluence 8.7 or 8.8. All other versions appear fine.

Like you said, we’ll probably just have to wait till 9.0 release when the rest-migration module is presumably no longer required? I have an inkling of reading that somewhere, but finding that confirmation buried in some CDAC thread hasn’t borne fruit this afternoon.

We have opted to wait for the 9.0.0 release assuming that the rest-migration tag will no longer be necessary.

Off the top of my head, the only confirmation I am explicitly aware of that the tag will no longer be required is a comment in the source code indicating that a check involving the rest-migration tag will be removed in Platform 7.

It would be great to have a confirmation on this from an official channel.


Hi, starting from Platform 7.0, indeed the rest-migration tag is not necessary. REST v2 is used by default. The check associated with the rest-migration tag will be completely removed in the next minor version.