Please help us understand "additional insights" for Licenses

The newly added “additional insights” provides a few more columns in the exported CSV for Licenses.

When I look into the data, it is not clear what each column means and how we can utilize them. Can someone please tell us more about this enhancement?

For example, what do “Atlassian” and “Other” mean in the channel column? How can we use the campaign columns?

After I published the above, I found this It is quite helpful. is the announcement post for it (with video :slight_smile: ).

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This should be added to the page. It was not obvious.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your response.

Do you know how Atlassian distinguishes between “Organic Search” and “Paid Search”? We are using Google Ads Auto tagging, but have not seen any transactions marked with “Paid search” even though there are lots of clicks from Google Ads.

Shall we manually add utm parameters or it is just the Google Ads is not performing well?