Please include modified-date field in the response body for v.2 AND allow time based filters on endpoints

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I noticed that the v.2 endpoint for confluence cloud rest api does not return the modified-date field for resources such as space, page, blogpost, attachment, comment etc in the response body.

Here’s an example of comment response body. While it includes the createdAt field, it’s lacking the modified at field.

    "results": [
            "id": "1234567",
            "status": "current",
            "title": "Re: Test Page",
            "pageId": "123456",
            "version": {
                "number": 1,
                "message": "",
                "minorEdit": false,
                "authorId": "123456789",
                "createdAt": "2023-10-05T17:11:08.755Z"
            "_links": {
                "webui": "/spaces/Test/pages/123456/Test+Page?focusedCommentId=123456"

Providing this information would help us to paginate better and avoid making extra requests to Confluence Servers.

Extra Request: Allow filtering on resources specific LIST endpoints

Allowing filtering results by time would be a huge plus point. Things like get pages where createdAt or modifiedAt is greater than or less than would immensely help us avoid getting rate limited.


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Atlassian has said that they’re no longer monitoring this forum for REST API v.2 gaps and that you should file a bug to get the item added to the queue using the following procedure: RFC-19: Deprecation of Confluence Cloud REST API v1 Endpoints - #25 by AshishShirode