Please let me know the precautions for creating the data center version app

I’m going to make a Jira data version app.
I’ve developed a server version app. Is there any difference when developing a data version?

This may sound a bit of a non-answer, but the truth it: it depends.

In terms of app architecture, Server and Data Center don’t really differ that much. The biggest difference is dealing with a clustered environment. For instance, if you’re using scheduled tasks or caching, you will need to use Scheduling and Caching API’s. However, these can also be used in a Server environment, so either way it’s probably best to use these.

The biggest difference is more on the business side: the (annual) Data Center approval process and the difference in expectations from customers in terms of support (and the impact your app can have).

Given that Data Center licenses start with 500 users, the customer base now consists of large companies that expect you to provide premium support. Most companies will also have outsourced their IT support so you will be dealing with service providers a lot.

If you’re preparing for Data Center, the most important part to prepare yourself for is customer success management and dealing with (ever changing) Atlassian performance & security requirements.


Thank you. It was a great help.