Plugin administration or external plugin parameters

I am writing a plugin for JIRA 7.2 that has URLs and makes REST calls to external sites. If the plugin is installed on a dev/test server, I want the base URIs to point to external dev servers. If installed on my production JIRA, naturally I would want the external references to go to the corresponding production servers and APIs. Ideally, I would have an add-on administration UI where I can specify the base URIs, but even an environment variable would suffice. The real question is how can I subsequently access those parameters from all three source file types when needed: .vm, .js, and .java?

You’d have to write a configuration screen of some sort and persist that into an ActiveObjects table (or you can have the plugin read from a properties file when it starts up - from personal experience though - I highly recommend the ui approach).

Then just have a service that your java classes can import. For the vm - you’d just put the configurations into the context. For the js, you can either read the data from the vm output or have a rest end point.

Not sure if I answered your question though, I’m guessing there might be something I’m missing in your question…

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Hi Daniel, Thanks, but I am looking for a highly detailed solution. I am a Windows/C# developer and have no experience with JIRA, Java, Velocity, Maven, or any of the technologies needed for JIRA plugin development. Yet, I am tasked with building one ASAP. I am looking to hire a private tutor who can work with me directly and help overcome the challenge. The tutorials help, but I have found that they no longer work with version 7. I can build some, but they will not run, and I don’t know where to begin in debugging and correcting. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of learning everything from the very beginning, and am willing to pay someone to help. I have tried partners, and so far they have said that while they can build a plugin to my specifications, they are not set up to mentor someone. I cannot afford to pay someone to do the entire task, and that is not a viable long-term solution. But I might be able to pay for personalized training. Could you send me a couple of contacts that might work with me in this way. Thanks much, Steve