[Plugin Development] SpaceService.find by SpaceID not possible

Hi all,

I am currently upgrading my plugins, as of 7.3.0 of the API the spaceManager is depracted, and the SpaceService class should be used.
It works well when I need to get a space by space key .find().withKeys(…).fetch()

But I can’t find a way to fetch a space by its spaceId. In the javadocs, also this find function is referenced, but i have now idea how to use it.

Any help appreciated!

Hi @franz.limbacher ,

I’ve reached out to the Confluence Server folks to confirm this and here are the information I got:

  1. Unfortunately, SpaceFinder currently does not support finding a space by spaceId.
  2. SpaceManager#getSpace will still work on the current version. However, since it is deprecated, it is subject for removal in a future version.

Stepping back a bit, in your use case, is it imperative to search the space via ID? Is it possible to search by space keys only?