Plugin project settings not displaying in correct layout

I’m developing a plugin that is going to display some build status information within issues. First, I’m going to need some settings that have to be stored on the project level.

I have created a web-item and webwork action in my atlassian-plugin.xml:

<web-item key="build-status-project-settings" name="build-status-project-settings" section="atl.jira.proj.config/projectgroup3" weight="30">
        <label key=""/>
        <link linkId="build-status-project-settings-link">/secure/BuildStatusProjectSettings.jspa?projectKey=${project.key}</link>
    <webwork1 key="build-status-webwork-module" name="Build Status Webwork Module" i18n-name-key="">
        <description key="build-status-webwork-module.description">The Build Status Webwork Module Plugin</description>
            <action name="" alias="BuildStatusProjectSettings">
                <view name="success">

BuildStatusProjectSettingsAction extends from ProjectActionSupport and doesn’t do anything at the moment.

Here are the contents of builds-status-project-settings-success.vm:

        <meta name="decorator" content="atl.admin"/>
        <meta name="projectId" content="$"/>
        <meta name="projectKey" content="$selectedProject.key"/>
        <meta name="" content="atl.jira.proj.config/projectgroup3"/>
        <meta name="" content="build-status-project-settings"/>
        <h1>Build Status Project Settings</h1>

My settings link is correctly displayed below ‘Versions’ and ‘Components’ in the Project Settings view. However, when I click on ‘Build Status’, the view ends up like this:

As you can see, the project side bar is missing. What am I doing wrong? I am planning to make the plugin open source, you can find the full project on Github: GitHub - topicusoverheid/build-status-plugin: Jira plugin for displaying build status information in issues

You should be developing against this guide isntead:

The pattern you’re following now is for the Project Admin, project settings view.

Thanks for the link, but I don’t think that is what I want. As you point out, I’m following the pattern for adding project settings for the project administrator, that is exactly what I want. Unfortunately, as a new user I can only post one image per question / comment.

May be this will clarify things. The project settings view displays correctly:

But when I click ‘Build Status’, the screen ends op like I posted in the topic start.

Seems like my settings view gets rendered in the application admin view and not the project settings view. I checked meta tags of the HipChat integration and some other pages, they are the same as mine…