'PluginRunner::NotHandled: attempt to run callback' - when trying to call t.popup datetime

I’m unable to open a date or datetime popup. I’m able to reproduce the problem with this sample code:

  'card-buttons': function (t, opts) {
    return [{
      text: 'Test popup',
      callback: function (t) {
        return t.popup({
          type: 'datetime',
          title: 'Datetime',
          callback: function(t, opts) {
            console.log('datetime changed:', t, opts);
      condition: 'edit'

Unable to post stack-trace due to restrictions for some reason.

Tried all sorts of things getting it working. All other popup types are working fine. But for some reason the date & datetime popup type is giving me issues.

I was able to reproduce this.

I’ve submitted it as a bug internally and am digging into it.

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Alright, found the problem and it git-blamed to me :open_mouth:.

Working on getting a fix out now. It will likely land early next week.

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Thank you bcook. Very much appreciated :slight_smile: Will be able to land my new time tracking PowerUp with this feature.

Should be fixed now. Can you give it a try?

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Sure. Will check tomorrow evening. Thank you :slight_smile:

Works perfectly! Very nice. Thank you :slight_smile:

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