Populate and control custom fields

I’ve built a plugin using ACE and I added three custom fields (single_select). What I need now is a way to populate these fields with values from a third party REST api.

Also, the values of he second select depend on the first and the third on the second. Is this at all possible and if so, how?

:wave: Hey @marknilsson

Have you checked out the REST API docs for updating custom field options? https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/v3/api-group-issue-custom-field-options/#api-group-issue-custom-field-options :point_left: That sounds like what you’re trying to do. Get the data from the third-party REST API and then use it to set the options.

Thanks for the reply. The link you are referring to is deprecated but there is a substitution there I can use.

I was hoping I could set the options directly from the plugin but it seems that’s not possible. I’m now looking into the option of using a custom script to set the options I need.

By the way, the depency I described with 3 selects isn’t possible but with 2 it is when using a cascading select list.