Popuplate dropdown values using Rest Api

Hello guys,
I have stuck in one use case where I am going to integrate Jira with the third party application and I didn’t understand how do I populate values in the dropdown field.
Please, Can anyone suggest me the solution?


Hi @naveengangwar,

Can you please give us some more information, like:

  • Are you on Jira Cloud, Server, or Data Center?
  • If Server or Data Center, which version?
  • What code do you currently have?
  • How are you getting the data from the 3rd party service?

Those answers can help people figure out how to help you.

I am using On-premise Jira software,
Jira server version 7.11,
with the help of Rest Api have to populate dropdown field options.

I am new in Jira plugin development and I didn’t understand which module has chose to complete this use-case