Possibility to create common plugin can both used in Confluence and JIRA

Hey ,

We are thinking about to create this kind of plugin which can insert HTML section on both Confluence and JIRA. As I know right now, Confluence and JIRA are using their own code respectively.


  1. Could we create the plugin can both used in Confluence and JIRA?
  2. How could this plugin been installed on JIRA and Confluence? (Is there a way to just install once in somewhere and can be used both in JIRA and Confluence?)
  3. Any thing should we know before start doing it?

Any suggestion, idea and sample code are welcome.


Hi @sierradai - no, there isn’t a way to install it once on Jira, and it automatically is installed on Confluence. This question was posted and answered in a thread last year:

Thanks @nmansilla. Just found this kind of plugin also called “Cross-Product add-on”, which can be used across Atlassian Server products.

Im keep looking for more detail, tutorials and samples.

Thanks for any help.

@sierradai - are you pursuing development for server or cloud products?

Currently for server.