Possible to have a Jira plugin create a issue type?

I would like to have my plugin create a new issue type. I would like this new issue type to be composed of my own custom fields as well. Is there a way to do this using the Jira Server SDK?

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Typically you would be using the classes IssueTypeService, IssueTypeManager, CustomFieldService, and CustomFieldManager to achieve this.

@sfbehnke Thanks for the reply! If I want the new issue types to be created upon installation of the plugin, where should I include calls to the above-mentioned classes?

You would write an Event Listener. Specifically, you would write an event listener that subscribes to Plugin Lifecycle events.

A nice write up is here at the J-Tricks website: http://www.j-tricks.com/tutorials/plugin-lifecycle-events

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Thanks @sfbehnke! Those should do the trick.


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Happy to help Teddy.