POST Call to the /rest/api/content doesnot return the JSON representation

Hi All,

I have a tool that POSTs HTML content to a new confluence page.
I make a POST request to confluence using Basic authentication. The call returns a 200 response but without any body/response JSON.

This has worked for me before. Has anything changed recently?
I’ve looked up the documentation as well. Can anyone please help me with this

Kind Regards

Hi Jyothi,

Can you tell us which version of Confluence Server you are currently running your tool against?
This might help with figuring out the problem.


Hi Peter,
Thank you for the response. It started working magically since last week.
I’m not sure what fixed it :smiley:


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I’m happy for you :slight_smile:

Automagically is one of my favorite words :slight_smile:

hi Jyoti,
I would appreciate if you please share your solution to us. We are looking for approach to push the upldated HTML to confluence server.
Best regards,