POST/PUT REST API support in next-gen projects


With the recent release of subtasks for next-gen projects we have found out that some of the features of our app started to work, meaning that some of the REST endpoints started to work.

Is it official? I must have missed an announcement

Nothing is official or certain when it comes to the Next-Gen, I think.

For us, some of the endpoints stopped working with the recent release of time tracking (without prior notification).

Hi @maciej.dudziak,

Can you please provide more details on which endpoints stopped working?


Hi @AbhinayaSinha,

my question was whether PUT and POST method from API are officially supported. Recently I have checked that most of the endpoints we need to support next-gen is working. So for past couple of days I’ve been making small adjustment and so far only 1 thing is not working:

I need to update timetracking field.

put /rest/api/2/issue/ONG-463notifyUsers=true&overrideScreenSecurity=true

body:"{“fields”:{“summary”:“All Supported Fields linked issue”,“timetracking”:{“originalEstimate”:“2d”,“remainingEstimate”:“2d”}}"

results in bad request:

PUT 400 {“errorMessages”:[],“errors”:{“timetracking”:“Field ‘timetracking’ cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.”}}

The same works for classic projects

However, it is true that it is not in editmeta nor createmeta, on the other hand you can edit in the UI.

Missing in:

Is it something that is known and there is an open improvement request?

@AbhinayaSinha can you help?

Hi @maciej.dudziak,
Were you able to do a successful POST request on NextGen?

Hi, yes. I am developing support for next-gen projects, so far almost everything is working

Is this for creating/updating a ticket? Based on this documentation, it seems that only few operations are supported for PUT and POST calls:

Oh, I didn’t test Software API, but core API should work