POST /rest/api/2/user returning 'Internal server error' although user is created

Hi team,

I’m trying to create a user using the Jira cloud rest API, /rest/api/2/user. The user is a brand new user that doesn’t exist in Atlassian. After performing the call, Jira returns 500 Internal server error but the user is created (the user gets the registration notification via email and can log in). This false negative affects my addon as it doesn’t know if the user has or hasn’t been created.
According to this, creating a user through Jira cloud should still be possible. It looks like a bug.


PD: I wanted to create the issue in but I’m getting this error.

Are regular folks still able to create issues in

Jira Cloud and Jira Software Cloud projects.


Hi, @fboucquez.

Status 500 when creating users has been encountered recently and is now filed here. Do note that the Create User endpoint is an experimental method.


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Thanks Ian for creating the issue.

Are regular users still able to report issues in

Hi @fboucquez,

I think you can’t anymore but for any product or platform related bugs, feature requests, add-on security incidents, and Cloud-Server API gaps, you should file it here.

Anne Calantog