Posting notifications in Confluence SDK tutorial issues:

My team and I have been working through various developer tutorials posted by Atlassian to get more familiar with maven and plugin development. We’re stuck on one particular tutorial related to posting notifications:

Halfway through the tutorial, it references an administration screen tutorial with a link that reopens the current page. The source for this project on bitbucket is for an older version of the SDK and still references components in the descriptor with the old component-import method rather than using spring scanner. I’ve tried editing this project to run properly on the current version of the SDK, but haven’t had any success yet.

In some ways this has been a great learning experience for us as we’ve troubleshooted this, but in the end we’d still like to get this working and are running out of things to try. If anyone has any guidance on this, it would be much appreciated. If there is a better resource for this than the Atlassian tutorial I linked above, please let me know.

Thank you.

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