Power-up Custom Fields data in the Trello API

Dear Sirs,

I’m using the API to collect trello data and make a
Dashboard I’m unable to collect Power-Up data
“Custom Fields”, how can I do this? What are the commands for me insert in my ‘Query’? See
my ‘Query’ in ‘Node-Red’ below:

“fields”: “all”,
“lists”: “all”,
“list_fields”: [
“members”: “all”,
“member_fields”: [
“actions_fields”: “all”,
“card_fields”: “all”,
“label_fields”: “all”,
“actions”: “all”,
“labels”: “all”,
“custom_fields”: “all”

Thank you so much for your attention. Wait for your answer.

Thank’s in advance!
Francisco Correia

You will want to access custom fields data via the pluginData field.

You can find a guide on how to access custom fields data here: https://developers.trello.com/docs/getting-started-custom-fields