Power-Up Events

This might be a stupid question, but I’m looking at creating my first power-up (typically I do everything local with just the API).

I want to be able to respond to specific events but I don’t see such an option in the capabilities list when I go to manage the Power-Up. Am I just missing something or do PUs not have an event system?

Power-Ups do not have an event system like what you are looking for. To achieve what you want, you’d have to setup a server and register webhooks and then pass them through websockets to your Power-Up’s iframe connector and take action there.

Thanks @bentley. Is that how Butler is doing things or is there some deeper level developers can’t tap into? Will this change in the future at all?

Effectively yes. Almost all of the folks that need to keep up with changes in Trello have a fairly robust webhook setup where they are listening to a ton of events and storing that info in their own DBs to query at however they want.

Not anytime soon.