Pre-emptive warning about Dark Mode, Design System and Atlaskit


Now that the implementation of Dark Mode is in progress, I would like to pre-emptively voice my concerns regarding the haphazard state of the Atlassian front-end component libraries.

Given the fact that Atlassian, in all her wisdom, decided to split the responsibility of maintaining their front-end components to multiple teams, I can already see us moving towards a situation in which the Design System team will gradually update DS components to support Dark Mode, while all the rest of the AtlasKit components will not be having that support.

Even worse, the DS team will probably implement this based on Emotion, while most AtlasKit components are still on Styled Components, meaning that the Dark Mode implementation for those components will either be different, or will require so much work that it will never happen.

Luckily for us, there is still some time left before Q2 2023, so Atlassian, go get your shit together and actually make good on your promise to have a collaboration stream with app developers and vendors to get everyone ready for Dark Mode.


It would be good to find what the roadmap and what we (as vendors) should be expecting from Atlaskit.

From what I understand - it’s now “community” supported ( Jira Service Management ) which I’m not quite sure what that means?


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I’m also confused by this (as seems to be the Atlassian Design System team), because the advice for “Ecosystem developers [to] please post on the developer community” seemingly runs counter to all other recent efforts to consolidate support request under Developer and Marketplace support [ECOHELP]?

@syong - could you please clarify whether the now closed Design System Support will become a segment within Developer and Marketplace Support at some point (after all, the DS is a notable part of “the Marketplace, products, APIs, security or platforms”), and review/update its banner to properly guide developers going forward, because the DS team still seems to expect issues to be raised via that closed service desk?

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Will AUI also get dark mode support?

This is actually a very interesting question, because although there is currently no Dark Mode support on the Jira Data Center roadmap (surprise, surprise), Atlassian Marketplace Partners can actually use AUI in their Cloud products as well.

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AUI has had dark mode support for a while, click the toggle at the top right of the page: - AUI Documentation

I assume this was done because cloud still uses AUI to an extent, I do not expect to ever see dark mode in Data Center (would be excited to be proven wrong).


Thanks! didn’t know.

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Nice, there is actually also documentation about it


Good question @sopel, please allow me some time (2 weeks) to discuss this with the segment owner and get back to you.

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@rwhitbeck @dmorrow can you please make sure this thread is seen by the appropriate people? At least an acknowledgement that a response is under consideration?

Hi @remie, et al,

I can confirm there are internal conversations talking about how we can improve our development and support of AtlasKit components. I’ve also passed this concern onto the Jira team announcing dark mode support, looping them into the broader topic of AtlasKit support.



Hey folks, good timing to surface this topic! :slight_smile:

We’ve been preparing for some time now to support all of you as marketplace partners to get your apps ready for dark mode. I’ve just shared an announcement about this: Introducing design tokens, new colour foundations and dark mode

I want to highlight (cross-posting from that announcement):

Design tokens will be in all Atlassian Design System components, as well as throughout front-end platform components in @atlaskit, such as the Editor.

We, the Atlassian Design System team, have been working closely with our colleagues across teams that are responsible for different components that make up @atlaskit, as well as Jira Cloud teams on implementing design tokens and dark mode.

Specifically on the challenge of styled-components and Emotion, I hear you on that – moving off SC to Emotion is an ongoing effort that’s happening in parallel. Many @atlaskit components have been migrated already, and among the remaining ones I’m happy to share that work is nearing completion on migrating Editor components at the moment!

Check out that post for more details, and let me know your questions in that thread!