Prefilled Customer Portal View


is there a way to prefill some fields of the customer portal view (create an issue)?

We want to create an issue automatically. More precisely we want to create an issue from our desktop software and set some custom fields like ‘version number’ or ‘operating system’. As I understand this is not possible with the REST API.
Maybe there exists another api (query, json, …).
Do you know how we can realize this?

Thank you for your help

Hi Stefan,

I’m not sure I understand - create JSD requests with the REST API is entirely possible. See
You can also use the API to get the form “definition” (see e.g. If what you want is create JSD requests from your software, but ask users only for some field values (i.e “pre-fill” others), then these are the APIs you’d need to look into. If not, could you clarify what you’re trying to do ?

You might like to create different requests for different versions or operating systems. In those requests, the version number and/or operating system fields can be hidden, and given static values. Of course, it will depend on how many combinations of those values you have to support.