Preparing for Confluence 9.0 - EAP out now

With a pointer in the right direction by @scott.dudley I confirmed my suspicion about having to switch away from old-school <component> / <component-import>. and to use Spring-Scanner instead: I tested with a small dummy-app, having only 1 dependency at all, on com.atlassian.confluence.user.UserAccessor. I tried once with old-school, and once with Spring-Scanner. Here the result upon installing in Confluence 9.0.0-m11:

  • old-school: 18 Import-Package statements generated, coming from UserAccessor’s imports + ALL its super-classes’s imports, so incl. “bucket.user” (which is blocked as Grey API) → app could not be enabled :warning:
  • Spring-Scanner: 3 Import-Package statements: 1 for com.atlassian.confluence.user, 2 for Spring-Scanner stuff → app could be enabled :white_check_mark:

Conclusion: We definitely have to switch to Spring-Scanner…

@Atlassian, I think a public advisory (so to speak) about old-school <component> / <component-import> NOT working anymore with Platform 7 and having to switch to Spring-Scanner (or similar more modern approaches) might be useful.