Preparing for Jira 7.6 - important API changes that can affect add-ons compatibility


This update is especially important for add-on developers using APIs to manage priorities in JIRA.
With JIRA 7.6, we’re introducing changes to APIs related to priorities. This is the first step towards implementing Priorities per project – a way to assign different sets of priorities to your projects by using priority schemes.
If your add-ons are using APIs listed on this page, they’ll most likely become incompatible. After JIRA 7.6 is released, the previous APIs will either retrieve inaccurate data, or will not work at all. We recommend that all add-on developers monitor changes coming with each EAP, and prepare to switch to new APIs.

You can find more details on the API changes here:
You can download the latest EAP for Jira 7.6 here:

Let us know your feedback and what other APIs you would find useful with regard to Priorities and Priority Schemes.