Pretty url with routing

Hey there!

I’ve tried to use some pretty urls in my plugin. But I don’t know where and how I have to put the xml in atlassian-plugin.xml

I want to use an url like /jira/plugins/servlet/story/1-1
As I understand I have to use routing module:

<routing key="prettyurls-key" path="/plugins/servlet">
        <route from="/story/{product}-{story}" to="/story?productId={product}&amp;storyId={story}" />

Have I to put this code inside the servelet-declaration or outside?

kind regards - Sven

I hope this example is illustrative:

    <servlet name="Servlet" key="servlet" class="com.mycompany.jira.MyServlet">
        <description>Provides pages for the URL provided.</description>

    <routing name="Pretty URL" key="routing" path="/my-servlet">
        <description>Customizes the URL.</description>
        <route from="/" to="/plugins/servlet/my-servlet"/>
        <route from="/{page}" to="/plugins/servlet/my-servlet/{page}"/>

    <sitemesh name="Sitemesh" key="sitemesh" path="/my-servlet">
        <description>Provides decoration for our custom URL.</description>