Prevent automatic creation of a space shortcut when my blueprint is used

I am developing a Confluence Server plugin that provides a few page blueprints. Whenever one of these blueprints is used to create a new page, Confluence automatically creates a Space Shortcut in the left sidebar. It leads to an auto-generated index page that lists all pages created from that blueprint. Is it possible to prevent this?

I found this guide that explains how admins can disable this for specific blueprints on their own Confluence instance by accessing the database directly: How to prevent automatic Space Shortcuts generation for certain blueprints | Confluence | Atlassian Documentation
However, I want this to be the default setting for the blueprints shipped with my plugin.
Is that at all possible?

Here are the relevant parts of my atlassian-plugin.xml:

<content-template key="template-objective" i18n-name-key="create-objective.title">
	<resource name="template" type="download" location="/blueprints/objective.xml"/>
	<context-provider class=""/>

<web-item key="create-objective" i18n-name-key="create-objective.title" section="system.create.dialog/content">
    <description key="create-objective.description"/>
    <resource name="icon" type="download" location="/images/icons/objective-80x80.png"/>
    <param name="blueprintKey" value="blueprint-objective"/>

<blueprint key="blueprint-objective" content-template-key="template-objective" i18n-name-key="create-objective.title" index-key="index-objective"/>

I tried removing the index-key attribute from the blueprint tag, but that prevents my blueprint from being used at all (an error message pops up when trying to create a page from it).

A colleague found the solution. Just add disable-index-page="true" to the blueprint tag. However, this doesn’t always work if the blueprint or plugin has been used before, so you might need to run atlas-clean if it doesn’t work right away.

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