Preventing Jira Core Customers to Install App

Hi there,

We currently have an app that makes use of Jira Software-specific APIs. Is there a way to prevent Jira Core users from installing (or seeing) our app-- outside of doing something on our side with code? There’s something for Jira Service Desk that you can check off to suppress the listing. Is there nothing similar corresponding to Jira Core?

Eventually we do want our app to work with Jira Core but we’re taking it one step at a time :slight_smile: , starting with the larger Software segment first

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I don’t think there is such an option right now in the atlassian marketplace. You’ll probably have to do something like add “for Jira Software” to the titel of your App or make it clear in your screenshots and description.

You can then change the titel and screenshots after you’ve updated your extension for compatability with Jira Core to reflect you are now supporting Jira Core.

Currently you can’t limit your listing in the Marketplace to just Jira Software.

What you do is use web conditions to disable your App functionality based on the host product: