Pricing Increments



Currently when entering the plugin pricing it rounds up or down to the nearest $0.05. This may be fine for higher priced plugins but my top tier is $0.10 per user and any price change increment makes for some eye watering increases in price at the upper level. Changing from $0.10 to $0.15 adds up to a 27.3% increase at 2000 users. I’m not sure how many users I have at that level but I can’t image them being very happy at that level of increase.

Any way around this?



Hi @paul -
Totally understand the concern here. I think what you’re asking is to have finer-grained control of the per-user prices. In other words, you’d like to be able to price in increments smaller than $0.05.

We don’t have that flexibility today, but it’s something we could consider changing. Let me know if I’ve properly understood what you’re asking.



Hi @dparrish

Yes that is correct. I’d like to change it from $0.10 per user to $0.11 or $0.12. That would give a more reasonable price increase.

Would that sort of change be any time soon?



I’ve raised an improvement request for it here:

Will discuss feasibility/timing with our engineering team.

In the meantime, you can get a count of your higher-tier customers by looking at e.g.


Hi @dparrish

Thanks for that, I look forward to hearing the result.

Thanks also the for the report link. Is there any way to get a more accurate number than just a 2000 tier, a user at the bottom of this tier is going to be a lot less affected then someone at the top.



Not super easy through the REST API, but you should be able to export all your transactions (without the “tier” constraint) and get a list of customers by tier.


Ok, thanks I’ll give that a try


Hi @dparrish

Any progress on this?



Hi @dparrish, any progress on this?