Privacy & Security tab gradual rollout begins today

Hi developer community,

Thank you to everyone who has submitted responses so far for the new Privacy & Security tab.

Today, we will begin showing the new tab to a subset of visitors to

We’ve announced this here on the developer blog.

We plan to release the tab to customers gradually, starting with a small cohort of visitors to (10-20%). We are currently planning a wider customer announcement when the tab is visible to 100% of customers, which is planned for June 2023.

See the full timeline below:

If you haven’t yet, please have a look at:

And of course, feel free to add questions about the rollout here on this post.


Excited for this.

@HarshDhaka is there somewhere for us to file any common questions that might come in from this?


If you haven’t got hold of the OpenAPI spec for the Marketplace REST API - it is available when you click on the 3 horizontal dots on the right.

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@danielwester We’re excited too! Thanks for all your help and feedback so far :slight_smile:

Can I clarify just to make sure we’re understanding your question - are you looking for a way to share customer questions (and potentially feedback) that are coming to your team back to Atlassian?

Yes - if we see patterns or common follow up questions that come about because of this page - is there a way for us to feed that back whoever owns this within Atlassian?


Is there any way for partners or developers to “opt in” early on the roll out? I’m working with a specific partner to try to satisfy a specific customer request, where the fastest and most trustworthy path to satisfy the needs is for that customer to see that partner’s S&P tab.


@danielwester You can use the following link to share any feedback related to Privacy and Security tab: Jira Service Management


When saving the form it gave us an error that our answer to the question whether we use full-disk encryption is invalid. This question was not shown. To show it we had to temporarily answer “Yes” to the first question “Does your app store End-User Data outside of Atlassian products and services?”, which made the question about full-disk encryption appear somewhere below in the form, where we could answer “No” and then change the first answer back to “No”. Then we could save the form.

We also answered “No” to the question “Does your app log End-User Data?” and “Yes” to the question “Does your app process and/or store logs outside of Atlassian products and services?”. Now on our Privacy&Security page it says: “End-User Data processed and/or stored in logs outside of Atlassian products and services: Yes”, even though we responded that we do not log end-user data.

Also there are still these ridiculous questions such as “Is your app a “data controller” under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?”, which don’t make any sense since only companies/persons can be data controllers/processors, a piece of software cannot.

This form is not ready for production!

Hi Candid,
We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with the web form. Your comment touches on a few things, so I’ll address each of the three topics in order:

  1. The error you saw was the result of a recent question change (you can read details here). We reached out directly all teams with impacted apps at the time of the change to let you know about the error and how to fix it. We’re sorry to hear that the message didn’t make it to you before you experienced the error, but glad to know you were able to fix the issue on your own based on the in-product alert. You should only experience the error once: the first time you edit a questionnaire for an impacted app after the question change was implemented.
  2. Good call out - this does appear to be an issue with the UI content that we’ll fix in our next round of updates in the coming months.
  3. Regarding the GDPR topic, we appreciate the feedback - it’s a good point. We noted this based on your previous comment and plan to adjust the web form wording to specify “you” (not “your app”) in a future iteration of the questionnaire. In general, we’re exploring ways to make it more clear whether each question refers to an app or to the partner behind the app, even when a partner may play a different role for different apps.

Thank you

As you alter the questionnaire - will you be providing versioning for the customers to review the changes and/or changes? Concerned that since this may involve legal teams looking at the form - that they might be picking up on the wording now and then it changes which will cause complications…

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