Problem accessing the file

I deployed an Atlassian connect addon to a AWS Lambda function. When I try to install it, it results in the error message

Problem accessing the file

When I load the url from a browser it correctly returns the atlassian-config.json. I see no relevant log entries in the browser console. No subsequent call seems to arrive at the lambda function after the /atlassian-connect.json request.

Any clues?
How can I debug this?

Hi @m22 - do you have the /installed route/method configured in AWS API Gateway? If so have you checked the Lambda logs in CloudWatch to see if there’s a POST call to /installed endpoint? A 200 or 204 needs to be returned on that lifecycle event.

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Hi @m22, I have the same problem as you, do you find the cause of this error? Please share your solution if there is a solution.