Problem displaying icon for Epics in Custom UI

Hi All,

I am trying to display the icon for an issue in my forge custom ui react app using an img tag. To do this I use the issue->fields->issuetype->iconUrl value for the img src prop. This works well for stories, but fails to load for epics (Chrome says blocked:csp).

Looking at source, I see that the story icon url was transformed at some point from:


But the icon url for Epics does not get transformed, and is different from the story one:

Am I doing something wrong, is this a limitation in the Forge platform, and is there a workaround or another way of displaying the Issue type’s corresponding icon?


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Hi @Giacomo,
We ran into this as well and ended up treating the icon URL for epics as a special case:

const isEpic = jiraValue.iconUrl && jiraValue.iconUrl.endsWith("epic.svg");
const iconUrl = isEpic ? epicImageData : jiraValue.iconUrl;

where epicImageData is a base64 encoded version of the epic image.
A kludge for now…


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@freatt @Giacomo is it ok to reuse icons from Jira in out Forge Application? As in, do we have ti buy commercial license to reuse them in our Forge custom applications? please advise.

Hint: we have premium license from Atlassian