Problem with custom tabs in Jira Issue page

We have a problem when we try to open our custom tabs on Jira in Issue page.
It seems that the problem may be with Jira and it’s JS scripts which browser can’t load.



Hi Artem! Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community!

Could you please share more details about your problem? Are you developing an app? Is that a Forge app or a Connect app? Are you starting a new app from the scratch or modifying an existing one? By the way, if you are starting from scratch consider Forge over Connect.


Thank you for fast reply!

  1. We develop big Jira app
  2. It’s Connect app
  3. I modify existing app

Hi @AdamSlaski - what other information can we provide here? Thanks!

Hi @AparkinArtem @adam, can you please re-upload the video from the 1st post, or describe this issue in greater detail? Can you provide the full URL of resources ending in 404s from your screenshot? Were custom tabs from your app working as expected in the past? If so, what changes did you make?

Hi @BartoszRobakowski, it’s new link to the video: Recording #315 (2).mp4 - Google Drive

And it’s a screenshot where you can see full URLs of queries

As far as I know these tabs worked without errors in the past, but I’m afraid that I can’t tell you the exact reason.