Problem with fetching fields paginated

Hello there!
I try to get several issue fields using REST API endpoint. My request url looks like /rest/api/3/field/search?type=custom&expand=key&id=customfield_id1,customfield_id2,customfield_id3. I almost 100% sure, that before today response contained only info about requested fields. But now I get first 50 items of all custom fields, which I have on my site.

Hello @MargaritaKravtsova

I have replicated that issue. If you provide a single issue ID for the id parameter, only that one issue is returned, but if you put multiple issue IDs into the id parameter as an array, then all issues of the matching type are returned, not just the specific issues requested.

I suggest you log this as a bug with Atlassian.

In the interim, the workaround is to declare each issue ID using separate id parameter, like this:


Hello @sunnyape

Thanks for your help! It works properly for me.