Problem with loading velocity resources

we migrated one of our plugins to SpringScanner and now users are reporting problems related to getting a static velocity resource by resource loader:

Could not find template 'com.intenso.jira.plugin.dynamic-forms:dynamic-forms-migrate-cf.webwork//templates/support-center.vm' ensure it is in the classpath.

or getting velocity template for custom fields provided by our app:

’org.apache.velocity.exception.VelocityException - Could not find template ‘com.intenso.jira.plugin.dynamic-forms:dynamic-cascadingselect-customfield/templates/edit-dynamiccascadingselect.vm’

In addition: We didn’t change anything in plugin resources paths.
Problems occur on runtime after a while (not always just after server restart).
We can’t reproduce this issue. Clearing plugins caches helped for some customers.
Problem occurs for Jira version > 8.5 (8 cases)

Any tips? :slight_smile:

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