Problems getting Atlaskit to work with WRM webpack plugin


I’m having trouble getting Atlaskit to run in my server app. I’ve composed my webpack config with the atlassian-webresource-webpack-plugin according to the example given in last year’s WRM talk (

Specifically, I’m using this code:

                    globalNavigation={():any => null}
                    productNavigation={():any => null}
                    containerNavigation={():any => null}
                <div style={{ padding: '32px 40px' }}>Page content goes here.</div>

And I’m getting this error:

Without the navigation-next components, it’s working. For example, just showing a div with some content is working properly.

Paradoxically, it’s working perfectly when I put the above code into a create-react-app-created app. I’ve taken the JS bundles it’s output and loaded it into Jira and it worked without problems. So I’m thinking it’s some problem with my custom webpack or babel config or the WRM plugin.

My next steps would be to try and remove stuff around it to find a minimal example of it not working, but I thought maybe someone here has seen this before and can save me a couple of hours of debugging this.

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @tobitheo can you share you webpack config? You can post it here or use e.g. service. This might help us with finding the problem you have.


Thanks, but I managed to get it working. Instead of using the config from the repo from last year’s atlascamp talk and adapting that to my needs, I started with the ejected create-react-app config and added the components necessary for working with the WRM plugin.

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